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lagu barat top hist bulan ini

NoPenyanyi/Grup Band - Judul LaguDownload
1.abba - dancing queenDownload Link
2.aerosmith - i don’t want to miss a thingDownload Link
3.aerosmith - jaded (acoustic)Download Link
4.air supply - good byeDownload Link
5.akon - lonelyDownload Link
6.alias - more than words can sayDownload Link
7.alien ant farm - smooth criminalDownload Link
8.alter bridge - open your eyesDownload Link
9.angels & air waves - do it for me nowDownload Link
10.angels & airwaves - distractionDownload Link
11.angels & airwaves - the adventureDownload Link
12.angels & airwaves - valkyrie missileDownload Link
13.arkarna - so little timeDownload Link
14.arkarna - the future’s overratedDownload Link
15.avril lavigne - complicated ( accoustic )Download Link
16.avril lavigne - i’m with youDownload Link
17.Avril Lavigne - knockin on heavens doorDownload Link
18.avril lavigne & goo goo dolls - iris (live fashion rocks)Download Link
19.backstreet boys - as long as you love meDownload Link
20.backstreet boys - incompleteDownload Link
21.backstreet boys - show me the meaning of being lonelyDownload Link
22.bad company - ready for loveDownload Link
23.bad english - when i see you smileDownload Link
24.barbie’s cradle - how longDownload Link
25.beyonce ft. jay z - crazy in loveDownload Link eyed peas - where is the loveDownload Link sabbath - changesDownload Link sabbath - odin’s courtDownload Link
29.blink 182 - i’m lost without youDownload Link
30.bosson - one in a millionDownload Link
31.bounty killer - smoke the ganjaDownload Link
32.britney spears - boys co edDownload Link
33.britney spears - monalisaDownload Link
34.britney spears - oops i did it againDownload Link
35.britney spears - overprotectedDownload Link
36.britney spears - toxicDownload Link
37.buttons - pussy cat ft snoop doggDownload Link
38.cake - i will surviveDownload Link
39.candlelight - heavenDownload Link
40.celine dion - a new day has comeDownload Link
41.celine dion - because you love meDownload Link
42.celine dion-i drove all nightDownload Link
43.chantal kreviazuk - leaving on a jet planeDownload Link
44.chayane - yo te amoDownload Link
45.chobits - let me be with you (opening)Download Link
46.christian bautista - everything you doDownload Link
47.chumbawamba - tubthumpingDownload Link
48.cinderella - nobody’s foolDownload Link
49.cold play - troubleDownload Link
50.cold play - yellow (acoustic)Download Link
51.cold play - in my placeDownload Link
52.colective soul - runDownload Link
53.colective soul - the world i knowDownload Link
54.color me badd - close to heavenDownload Link
55.counting crows - accidentally in loveDownload Link
56.counting crows - big yellow taxiDownload Link
57.craig david - fill me inDownload Link
58.creed - one last breathDownload Link
59.creep - radioheadDownload Link
60.damn yankees - where you goin’ nowDownload Link
61.daniel beddingfield - if you’re not the oneDownload Link
62.daniel beddingfield - if you’re not the one (acoustic)Download Link
63.deep purple - child in timeDownload Link
64.deep purple - smoke on the waterDownload Link
65.deep purple - soldier of fortuneDownload Link
66.def leppard - two steps behindDownload Link
67.destiny’s child - bootyliciousDownload Link
68.dhoom dhoom - tata youngDownload Link
69.diana king - hey judeDownload Link
70.dido - all about usDownload Link
71.dido - thank youDownload Link
72.dido - white flagDownload Link
73.dido - life for rentDownload Link
74.disturbed - down with the sicknessDownload Link
75.dream theater - the spirit carries onDownload Link
76.eminem - like toy soldierDownload Link
77.eminem - lose ur selfDownload Link
78.eminem - mocking birdDownload Link
79.eminem - when i’m goneDownload Link
80.eminem feat. dido - stanDownload Link
81.en aranjuez con tu amorDownload Link
82.europe - carrieDownload Link
83.exodus - utada hikaruDownload Link
84.extreme - more than wordsDownload Link hill - this kissDownload Link no more - i started a jokeDownload Link
87.fastball - the wayDownload Link
88.fat joe ft. ashanti - what’s luvDownload Link
89.fergie fergalicious - (radio edit)-oskDownload Link
90.five for fighting - 100 yearDownload Link
91.five for fighting - angel and girlfriendsDownload Link
92.five for fighting - supermanDownload Link
93.five for fighting - the riddle (you and i)Download Link
94.flyleaf - im so sickDownload Link fighters - everlong (acoustic)Download Link fighters - walkin after youDownload Link
97.foreigner - waiting for a girl like youDownload Link
98.forever and for alwaysDownload Link
99.frente - bizzare love triangleDownload Link
100.gary moore - empty roomDownload Link
101.gary moore - still got the bluesDownload Link
102.gloria gaynor - i will surviveDownload Link goo dolls - irisDownload Link
104.gorillaz - feel good incDownload Link day - boulevard of the broken dreamsDownload Link day - wake me up when september endsDownload Link
107.gypsy king - volareDownload Link
108.halloween - forever & oneDownload Link
109.halloween - powerDownload Link
110.heart - aloneDownload Link
111.hilary duff - come cleanDownload Link
112.hilary duff - someone’s watching over meDownload Link
113.hilary duff ft slim thug - with loveDownload Link
114.hoobastank - the reason (acoustic)Download Link of pain - jump aroundDownload Link of pain - shamrocks and shenanigansDownload Link
117.human natureall - out of loveDownload Link
118.initial d - suteki da neDownload Link
119.iron maiden - rainmakerDownload Link
120.ja rule ft. ashanti-always on timeDownload Link
121.jagged edge - where th e party at (feat. nelly)Download Link
122.james blunt - you are beautifulDownload Link
123.jang na ra - sweet dreamDownload Link
124.jessica simpson - sweetest sinDownload Link
125.jhon mayer - bigger than my bodyDownload Link
126.jhon mayer - your body is wonderlandDownload Link
127.jimi hendrix - foxy ladyDownload Link
128.jimi hendrix - voodo child ( slight return)Download Link
129.j-lo - aliveDownload Link
130.j-lo-baby i love uDownload Link
131.joan jett - have you ever seen the rainDownload Link
132.john lennon - imagineDownload Link
133.josh groban - u raise me upDownload Link
134.justin timberlake - senoritaDownload Link
135.kansas - dust in the windDownload Link
136.kelly clarkson - breakaway - behind these hazel eyesDownload Link
137.kid rock - only god knows whyDownload Link
138.kiroro - mirai eDownload Link
139.kiss - god gave rock & roll to youDownload Link
140.kitaro - lady of dreamsDownload Link
141.lagwagon - e daggerDownload Link
142.layla kaylif - shakespeare in loveDownload Link
143.led zeppelin - stairway to heavenDownload Link
144.led zeppelin - since i’ve been loving youDownload Link
145.led zeppelin - tangerineDownload Link
146.lenny kravitz - againDownload Link
147.let her cry - hootie & the blowfishDownload Link
148.lifehouse - you and meDownload Link
149.limp bizkit - home sweet home - bittersweet symphony -oskDownload Link
150.linkin park ft jay z - big pimpinDownload Link
151.m2m - dont say you love me (acoustic)Download Link
152.m2m - prety boy (acoustic)Download Link
153.madona - you’ll seeDownload Link
154.madonna - die another dayDownload Link
155.madonna - frozenDownload Link
156.mandy moore - moon shadowDownload Link
157.mandy moore - someday we’ll knowDownload Link
158.Mariah Carey - HeroDownload Link
159.mary j blige ft. u2 - oneDownload Link
160.marylin manson - is the new shitDownload Link
161.maywood - mother how are you todayDownload Link
162.mclachlan, sarah - i will remember youDownload Link
163.meat loaf - i’d do anything for loveDownload Link
164.melody club - electricDownload Link
165.michael schenker - nightmareDownload Link
166.micheal jackson - heal the worldDownload Link
167.michelle branch - all u wantedDownload Link
168.michelle branch - are u happy nowDownload Link
169.michelle branch - breathe (album version)Download Link
170.michelle branch - everywhere (acoustic)Download Link
171.michelle branch - goodbye to uDownload Link
172.missy eliot - gossip folksDownload Link
173.missy eliot - work itDownload Link
174.motley crue - home sweet homeDownload Link
175.muse - a sing for absolutionDownload Link
176.muse - can’t take my eyes off of youDownload Link
177.muse - hysteriaDownload Link
178.muse - unintended accousticDownload Link chemical romance - i’m not okayDownload Link chemical romance - the ghost of youDownload Link
181.smxpx - scooby doo, where are youDownload Link
182.natalie imbruglia - shiverDownload Link
183.nazareth - love hurtsDownload Link
184.nazley young - another grilDownload Link
185.nelly & p.diddy - shake ya tailfeatherDownload Link
186.nelly furtado - dilemmaDownload Link
187.nelly furtado - i’m like a bird (mixing dj dav)Download Link
188.nerd - providerDownload Link radicals - you get what you giveDownload Link doubt - don’t speakDownload Link doubt - dont speak (acoustic)Download Link doubt - close my lifeDownload Link
193.nofx - nofx rancid - radioDownload Link
194.non blonde - what’s upDownload Link
195.norah jones-don’t know whyDownload Link
196.offspring - prety flyDownload Link
197.offspring - tenderDownload Link
198.o-town-these are the daysDownload Link
199.out cast - hey ya!Download Link
200.p.diddy-i need a girl part 1Download Link
201.p.didy feat usher - i need the girlDownload Link
202.p.o.d. - sleeping awakeDownload Link
203.p.o.d-youth of the nationDownload Link hilton - stars are blindDownload Link
205.pearl jam - i am mineDownload Link
206.pearl jam - last kissDownload Link
207.phantom planet - californiaDownload Link
208.phill collins - the least you can doDownload Link
209.phoebe one - knocking on heavens doorDownload Link - get the party startedDownload Link
211.poison - every rose has its thornDownload Link
212.poison - something to believe inDownload Link
213.pussycat dolls - swayDownload Link
214.radiohead - creepDownload Link
215.rainbow - since you’ve been goneDownload Link
216.rainbow - temple of the kingDownload Link hot chili pepper - the zephyr songDownload Link hot chilli paper - miseryDownload Link
219.rem - everybody hurtsDownload Link
220.rem - imitation of lifeDownload Link
221.rem - losing my religionDownload Link
222.return to the tree - diliquent habilDownload Link
223.richard mark - now and foreverDownload Link
224.richard mark - right here waiting for youDownload Link
225.ricky martin - jaleoDownload Link
226.robbie williams - better manDownload Link
227.robbie williams - beyond the seaDownload Link
228.robbie williams - eternityDownload Link
229.robbie williams - feelDownload Link
230.rod stewart - sailingDownload Link
231.rolling stones - honky tonk womanDownload Link
232.roxette - it’s must to be loveDownload Link
233.s club 7 - don’t stop movin (jewel & stone mix)Download Link
234.sade - by your sideDownload Link
235.safri duo - played a live (radio edit)Download Link
236.safri duo feat michael mcdonald-sweet freedomDownload Link
237.saigon kick - i love youDownload Link
238.saigon kick - love is on the wayDownload Link
239.samantha mumba - i’m right wereDownload Link
240.santana - black magic woman gypsy queen aafDownload Link
241.santana - corazon espinadoDownload Link
242.santana - europaDownload Link
243.santana - migraDownload Link
244.santana - samba pa tiDownload Link
245.santana ft.rob thomas - smoothDownload Link
246.sarah mclachlan - angelDownload Link
247.sarah mclachlan - blackbird (i am sam)Download Link
248.sarah mclachlan - i will remember youDownload Link
249.savage garden - truly madly deeplyDownload Link
250.saybia - the second you sleepDownload Link
251.scorpions - holidayDownload Link
252.scorpions - love of my lifeDownload Link
253.scorpions - when the smoke is going downDownload Link
254.seal - kiss from a rose (acoustic)Download Link
255.seether feat amy lee - the punisher ost - brokenDownload Link
256.shades apart - stranger by the dayDownload Link
257.shaggy - angelDownload Link
258.shakira - whenever whereverDownload Link
259.shania twain - forever & for alwaysDownload Link
260.shania twain - from this momentDownload Link
261.shania twain - ka-chingDownload Link
262.shania twain - that don’t impress me muchDownload Link
263.shania twain - when u kiss meDownload Link
264.shania twain - you’re still the oneDownload Link
265.she’s not just a pretty faceDownload Link
266.sixpence none the richer - dancing queenDownload Link
267.sixpence none the richer - kiss meDownload Link
268.skid row - and lifeDownload Link
269.skid row - i remember youDownload Link
270.smashing pumpkins - ma belleDownload Link
271.smashmouth - you are my number oneDownload Link
272.spice girl - viva foreverDownload Link
273.stacie orrico - stuckDownload Link
274.staind - outsideDownload Link
275.staind - so far awayDownload Link
276.steelheart - mama don’t you cryDownload Link
277.steelheart - she’s goneDownload Link
278.steve vai - libertyDownload Link
279.steven & the coconuttreez - welcome to my paradiseDownload Link
280.stevie b - dream about youDownload Link
281.stevie b - waiting for your loveDownload Link
282.sugar ray - someday (live)Download Link
283.sum 41 - still waitingDownload Link
284.sunday morningDownload Link
285.the blowers daughter - damien riceDownload Link
286.the calling - for uDownload Link
287.the calling - our livesDownload Link
288.the calling - wherever you will goDownload Link
289.the corrs - all the love in the worldDownload Link
290.the corrs - breathlessDownload Link
291.the corrs - life’s go on-leann rimesDownload Link
292.the corrs - only when i sleepDownload Link
293.the corrs - runawayDownload Link
294.the cure - boys don’t cryDownload Link
295.the killers - when you were youngDownload Link
296.the police - roxanneDownload Link
297.the pretenders - stand by youDownload Link
298.the rasmus - no fearDownload Link
299.the real thing - you to me are everythingDownload Link
300.the servant - liquefyDownload Link
301.the vines - ms jaksonDownload Link
302.third eye blind - deep inside of youDownload Link
303.tony braxton - unbreak my heartDownload Link
304.trapt - stand upDownload Link
305.travis - quicksandDownload Link
306.trisha yearwood - how do i liveDownload Link
307.twisted sister - the priceDownload Link
308.u2 - staring at the sunDownload Link
309.u2 - who’s gonna ride your wild horsesDownload Link
310.ub40 - red red wineDownload Link
311.ufo - high flyerDownload Link
312.ufo - lipstick tracesDownload Link
313.ugly kid joe - cats in the cradleDownload Link
314.ugly kid joe - everything about youDownload Link
315.uriah heep - lady in blackDownload Link
316.usher - yeahDownload Link
317.venessa carlton - a thousand milesDownload Link
318.vertical horizon - best i ever hadDownload Link
319.wakefield - cmon babyDownload Link
320.westlife - soledadDownload Link
321.westlife ft. boa - flying without wingsDownload Link
322.white lion - till death do us partDownload Link
323.white lion - when the children cryDownload Link
324.white snake - here i go againDownload Link
325.white snake - is this loveDownload Link
326.yes - amazing graceDownload Link
327.yngwie malmsteen - carry on wayward sonDownload Link
328.yngwie malmsteen - dreaming (tell me)Download Link
329.yngwie malmsteen - like an angel (for april)Download Link
330.yngwie malmsteen - i’m my own enemyDownload Link
331.yngwie malmsteen - like an angelDownload Link
332.yngwie malmsteen - save our loveDownload Link


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